Adobe/Adoboda House Made Chilli Sauce with  various chilli varieties, roast tomatoes, onions and garlic
Taco Warmed Flour Tortilla (can be white or blue corn)
Burrito Large Flour Tortilla wrap with spicy rice, spicy cheese, lettuce and filling of your choice
Nachos Corn Chips heated with Jack Cheese and topped with your protein choice plus pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream
Fajita Sizzle pot of capsicum, red onions, and our special spicy fajita sauce plus either steak, chicken or prawns
Quesadilla 2 flour tortillas sandwich with spicy Quesadilla Cheese
Tostada Deep Fried bowl using flour tortilla, filled with spicy rice, spicy cheese, chicken in adoboda sauce, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream
Enchilada Rolled Flour (or Corn for GF) filled, topped with our spicy enchilada sauce, quesadilla cheese, and our house bbq sauce. Cooked off in oven
Pico de Gallo Tomato salsa including red onion, parsley and mexi seasoning (no chilli)
Guacamole Fresh Avocado blitzed with lemon juice and tomato
Quesadilla Cheese Cheddar cheese with jalapenos and red onion
Enchilada Sauce Mixed Chilli Adoboda
Con Carne Sauce Mild tomato based sauce beef
Frijoles Con Ques Mixed tomato based bean sauce topped with Quesadilla Cheese